Keeping your walls dry and protected

Lime Pointing

Pointing is important to weatherproof walls and buildings, and a proper lime mortar is needed to allow the building to breathe and the stone work to be properly protected.

It is an essential aspect of maintaining our heritage buildings, either due gradual weather erosion, but often caused by inappropriate repairs and damage to masonry from the use of cement mortars.

Why protect your walls with lime pointing?

Lime pointing is traditionally used as the mortar of choice for heritage walls and buildings in traditional construction throughout Scotland.

Damage to our houses is often caused by neglect, when lime pointing ages and crumbles over time, and water is allowed to course through the wall and quickly damage your masonry.

Inappropriate repairs are another major cause of damage; when hard, impermeable mortars are used, and the building is not able to breathe properly, causing damp. These mortars can also cause stress damage to your stone, leaving you with an expensive repair bill.

Finally there are of course aesthetic reasons. Your property looks the way it should and as it was when it was built, adding value to your investment.

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Where do I start?

Getting good advice and a proper survey of your lime pointing requirements is an essential first step. We are happy to look at your project and point you in the right direction, with no obligation to use Archie Campbell Ltd to deliver the work for you.

With many years of experience and high profile, national organisations and clients who know our buildings and built environment, you can be confident in the advice we give.

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Lime Pointing Work

Lime pointing finished off this job perfectly.

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