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Stone Cleaning

From sandstone to granite and concrete, our cleaning service restores your façade to its original glory.

We remove the accumulated dirt and pollution of centuries, mosses, growth and unsightly graffiti with scientific precision and without damaging the stone.

Using the game changing Doff Cleaning System, no damage is caused and no chemicals are used to achieve excellent results every time.

What can we clean?

We can effectively clean sandstone, brick, concrete, tiles, wood, faience and terracotta, as well as igneous stone including granite.

We can clean external and indoor surfaces, and the versatile Doff System can be used to sterilise toilets, kitchens and swimming pools; indoor and out.

We can remove most paint, graffiti, bird and vermin fouling, algae and moss, wax coatings, chewing gum, bitumen, oils and grease without damage or disfiguring the substrate.

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How does it work?

A normal water supply is instantly heated to an exact temperature – up to 150 degrees. This low volume, super-heated water is fed to specialised nozzles. It uses only five litres of water a minute, causing no damage to the surface being cleaned.

Our system has been proven to be safe for our Scottish sandstones and is the preferred method of cleaning for some of the country’s most respected conservation organisations, including NTS and Scottish Heritage.

The environmental benefits are huge, with the system using no chemicals and very low volumes of water.

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Stone Cleaning Work

Graffiti removal for The National Trust for Scotland Bannockburn Visitor Centre

Removal of old flashband repairs, remove all traces of bitumen residue and point this entrance platt for Miller Architects

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